“I couldn’t say enough positive things about my experience with Amazing Newborn. Before my son was born I had two children who nursed well over a year very successfully. When my son was born I noticed his nursing didn’t quite feel the same and he wasn’t gaining much weight (although all of my children were on the smaller side). After only a few minutes of assessing my son, Judy noticed he had a small/tight frenulum (the tissue under the tongue) which limited his ability to nurse effectively. Within minutes (after her full evaluation), she referred us to an ENT specialist at CHOP. We were able to get an appointment the next day, my son got his frenulum clipped and has been nursing effectively ever since. Since then I have had questions related to nursing for which Judy has been a wonderful resource. She is very knowledgeable, professional and helpful, and I highly recommend her services to anyone in need. Thanks again, Judy



The Bravado bras are excellent. I wore the originals in black and white which were very comfortable to wear around the house during maternity leave. For social events and when I went back to work, I wore the nice more structured version in nude and it felt secure and supportive, and was easily adjusted when I needed to pump during breaks between meetings. I bought some other brands from Target and WalMart, but was disappointed in the quality. The Bravado bras are definitely worth the investment.”



I had the opportunity to work with Judy after the birth of my son. I was anxious about addressing my issues with overactive letdown, and Judy’s calm and professional manner and expertise were exactly what I needed! During our consulting sessions Judy was always patient and took as much time was needed to answer my many questions and even offered extra tips about pumping and returning to work. I appreciated that I could be so comfortable around her; she always left me feeling more confident in navigating whatever breastfeeding challenges came my way. During one particularly challenging week, I called Judy and she went out of her way to fit in a consulting session the night before she was to leave on vacation. Judy is an expert at what she does and I recommend her services to anyone seeking help with breastfeeding!