Breastfeeding Consultations

Due to the Affordable Care Act many insurance companies offer this as a benefit under your health insurance.  Please check with your health insurance company to find out what your benefits are.

If not covered by your insurance, the cost is $195 for home visit and $150 for office visit. For prenatal consult prior to the birth of your baby the cost is $100 and should be scheduled between 33-37 weeks of your pregnancy.

A lactation consultation will be scheduled with you so it coincides with your baby’s feeding schedule. It is important the mother have goals and questions for this consult. This not only ensures a productive appointment but also gets your questions answered.   The baby will be weighed prior to the feeding and again at the end of the feeding.  This allows the mother and lactation consultant to establish a plan that fits your needs.  A detailed history for mother and baby will also be obtained during that consult as well as a physical exam of breasts and the baby’s oral cavity.

Private Breastfeeding Classes

Cost of class is $150 for a 2 hour class for you and two support persons.  Do you have friends or family members who are also pregnant and want to attend?  The fee is $30 for each additional pregnant Mom and support person.

The class will assist you in learning techniques for the hospital stay to help you get off to a good start with nursing.  I will also cover research based topics to increase your understanding of nursing and pumping.