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Breastfeeding Support and Education for pregnant,
breastfeeding, and nursing Moms.

Offering Lactation Consultations, Breastfeeding Support, and Classes to Support Moms-to-be

Professional services are provided by International International Board Certified Lactation
consultants who are also Registered Nurses

Their decades of experience will be invaluable for you and your growing family

Amazing Newborn

Lactation Consults offered in Bucks and Montgomery County PA

Amazing Newborn

We offer in home, office
and virtual consults!

I'm so glad you are reaching out for help with your breastfeeding questions or concerns. Sometimes it feels very overwhelming as an expectant mom or after you have given birth. Amazing Newborn lactation consultants are here to help. We can provide a prenatal consultation before your baby is born or schedule a consultation in your home after giving birth. Many insurances do cover our fees. Please reach out to your health insurance provider to find out what benefits you have for Lactation support.

So what can you expect from your consultation? Here are a few things that you need to know. You are the Mom, and your wishes will be respected. Maybe you want to exclusively breastfeed. Maybe you want to exclusively pump and bottle feed. Maybe you want to nurse for a short time and then wean. Maybe you want to do a combination of nursing and bottle feeding. Maybe you are worried about returning to work and continuing to breastfeed. We can help you with all of these scenarios.

Here Are Some Reasons That You May Want to Have a Consultation

  • Refuses to latch at the breast
  • Very sleepy at the breast
  • Painful nursing sessions
  • Slow weight gain and not back to birth weight by 10-12 days
  • Routine check-up because you are not sure of positioning and if the latch is good
  • Need help figuring out your breast pump or flange fitting
  • Going back to work and want to discuss the best way to provide milk for your baby during your working hours

Or you have questions! Believe me, we all had questions in our nursing journey.

Amazing Newborn

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